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Our Mission and Vision

Chemihaulers seeks to provide service in as many aspects of industry as it can, while maintaining our standards of excellence, over delivery of service and safety.

We are proud to be ever expanding and to have recently included Covid-19 into our library of services offered.


Covid-19 Monitoring & Testing

Chemihaulers like many other businesses did not escape the economic impact of Covid-19. Seeing an opportunity to be of service and a means by which to return to normalcy, Chemihaulers has recently partnered with the CDC’s leading provider for Covid-19 monitoring via Wastewater.

Wastewater monitoring for Covid-19 allows businesses, schools, communities and even municipalities to understand their Covid-19 risk in real-time.

Common practices like Temperature checks, Self reporting of Symptoms and Rapid Antigen testing for the unvaccinated leave organizations vulnerable to asymptomatic spread.

RAT has been demonstrated to lack accuracy in comparison to PCR testing, leading to false positives and negatives- especially in the case of asymptomatic spread. Temperature checks are seldom good indicators of asymptomatic spread and employees who desire to work may fail to report symptoms. On the opposite end of the spectrum, employees may also falsely report symptoms in order to secure time off from work.

Our automatic sampler systems and bleeding edge PCR technology allow us to not only assess current Covid-19 status of any organization where wastewater is present, but to predict spread and outbreak in advance of them occurring.


Caustic Supply

The liquid caustic solution supplied by Chemihaulers Limited is of the highest quality supplied on the island. Our raw material (Solid Caustic) is sourced from providers who have achieved the highest quality ratings in their respective jurisdictions.

The landed caustic is stored in our enclosed facility to ensure/prevent any contamination from the environment. The water that is used for dissolving the solid caustic is pretreated to demineralized water quality standard. Stainless steel is the only metallurgy in the processing and transporting of the liquid solution.

This combination results in the highest quality of caustic solutions supplied on the local market.

Our NSF certification is a testament of our quality.


Chemical Supply, Chemical  Management Systems & Designer Solutions

Water is one of the most vital natural resources for all life on Earth and Water must be considered as a finite resource that has limits and boundaries to its availability and suitability for use.

Water users typically fall into the following categories

Domestic, Commercial and Institutional, Industrial and Agricultural. Each category presents its own challenges for the safe use and reuse.


Chemihaulers Limited with more than 60 years experience in water treatment and its alliance with its technology partners can develop unique solutions to every challenge.Whether  the challenge is clarification, sanitization, scale and deposit control, corrosion inhibition we have the solution for you


Toll Blending

Toll blending is a specialty service whereby companies with chemical formulations can have their batches mixed and processed into a final product for a fee. 

Toll blending is popular and cost-effective for several reasons 

  • product stability and shelf life

  • reduced shipping costs

  • unique packaging requirements


This increasingly common service allows a company with a unique needs to specialized company for production, packaging, and in some cases, final delivery.

As Businesses seek creative opportunities to increase value and decrease inefficiency, Chemihaulers is your solution provider 

Chemical Transport

Our partners have been involved in the movement of dangerous materials in Trinidad and Tobago for over 25 years with an unblemished safety record on the roads of Trinidad and Tobago.

Consistent with Chemihaulers commitment to safety, our partners also strive to ensure that all  safety procedures are owned by the stakeholders - employees and clients alike. 


This ensures is the continuous reinforcement of best practices via training, behavior based safety observations and the partnering with our personnel. 

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