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Chemihaulers Ltd

Chemihaulers is committed to achieving a sustainable quality agenda to support its strategic plans and ongoing operations. Success will be achieved by:

  • Demonstrating Quality Management and Leadership through providing the resources, support, regular communication with and training of employees on relevant quality concepts and procedures, and wide communication of this commitment to interested parties.

  • Meeting customer specifications and satisfaction through consistent use of approved Chemihaulers operations procedures.

  • Incorporating the drive for improvement as a simple central process in conducting Chemihaulers business.

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Years of Industry Experience



Our focus on safety is consistent with the usual high standards in the industries where we operate.

​We will

  • Comply with all local governmental environmental, Health and Safety legislative requirement and all other requirements to which the company subscribes

  • Identify potential hazards and implement controls to manage hazards and prevent incidents.

  • Reduce any impacts from our operations on the environment and local community.

  • Ensure all employees and contractors receive the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision.

  • Ensure the safe use in handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous substances

  • Consult with employees on health and safety performance, policies and procedures

  • Provide the necessary resources, safe systems and work conditions for employees to perform their work safely

  • Audit and review the HSE Management System for continuous improvement.

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